Edward Euclide

Experience Designer





I have been designing, researching and creating embodied experiences for 8 years as a performance artist, educator and UX researcher/designer.

Know your audience, know your students, know your users.





UX Research, Design, Strategy

How we make, determines what we make. Our process literally creates our product.  

Experienced in facilitating collaborative creative process, I implement imaginative game plans which blend process, product and research.




As a professional storyteller, I am able to bring the voice of your user to the center of the process.

"Theatre is an opportunity for empathy building not only in when we share stories with our audiences that might offer a different narrative than they are accustomed to but also in the method of production."
- Chris Garza The Importance of Creating Space Feb, 7, 2018

Theatre is always experimenting with how people relate in space, to one another, to objects, to experiences.  My background directing, performing, collaborating in teams to create these experiments gives me an ability to center multiple user perspectives and relationships throughout journeys and end-to-end experiences.

With my years of experience as a puppet designer/artist, I bring a depth of understanding for creating gestural interaction models that not only allow but support users in transposing their own motion into interfaced articulations.


Experiential Research/Workshops

The show must go on!

The research here explores what happens when our relationship to art/virtuality intersects with our reality.  When designing for multi-sensory, live experiences you always hold true that something will probably go wrong.  What happens when someone forgets their line?  When a cue is off?  When a task instruction is leading the audience down the wrong hallway?  I bring a calm focus that allows me to lead and strategize when things go wrong.


An exploratory workshop researching the use of theatre methods for designing in VR.

Multi-sensory, embodied experiences utilizing audio controlled spaces to perform tasks.

Plan for a neighborhood-wide, public narrative created through remote touchpoints like postcards, packages and sculpture.



About Me


I got the Vive shortly after launch in 2016.  We are at the cusp of a massively new human relationship to tech, the internet, reality/virtuality, digital space and ultimately... each other.  I'm grateful to be here for it!  If you ever wanna check this thing out, let me know. I love to share.  It's become something of a hobby of mine, watching people try this thing out.

Current Project:


Enough "about me", here are my two cats.


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