Space Girl

Imaginary Interfaces | 2D Puppetry | Cardboard | Paper


Collaborator & Builder

Using gestural actions, we created imaginary interface models using cardboard, paint and paper.

Space Girl is a pun-a-minute, super-galaxy, space-romp built entirely out of cardboard that will have you on your knees begging for justice.

Getting this show up on its feet required a lot of building.  We made custom cardboard props and set for almost everything.  Orchestrated complicated puppet maneuvers for space-magic and lots and lots of gags.

A cosmic-comic adventure in the style of pulp science fiction, where Buck Rogers meets Forbidden Planet meets Star Trek, all fully rendered in glorious technicolor with an alarming number of huge cardboard props. Complete with space battles, light-speed, ray guns and doors that go whoosh, this astro-opera will transport you to the low brow, high tech realm of sci-fi on stage.

I played the roles of Space Guy, Cadet 1 & 7, Alien 2 and Lab Assistant.

Play the unofficial Space Girl promo, Space Girl: The Game written and created by Space-Guy himself.  Me, that's me, I'm the space guy.

Space Girl and Snoochplum

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Space Girl v. Dread Lord

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