The Mad King!

Narrative Gesture | Miniature | Rod & String | Solo Performance | 3D Articulation



Leveraging gesture in miniature to tell a narrative of power, struggle and gravity.

You're never really solo on the stage.  Especially when you've got a puppet in your hands.

I made this puppet from clay, metal wire, string and wood.  This puppet articulates a flapping/flying gesture, a pointing gesture and has the cutest little run.
A juxtaposition to its expected frame, this puppet flies around the stage.  Without a mouth, this puppet relies on its storytelling companion in many moments, though its neck articulation allows it to be clearly speaking when the time comes.

An original 10 minute storytelling of a king gone mad, The Mad King uses a single puppet, a bucket and a puppeteer.  The piece demonstrates a simplicity and efficiency in storytelling, utilizing symbols, gesture and archetypes to tell a brief but deep struggle with power.  The puppet has been performed for several years telling a small repertoire of stories: "The Mad King!", "The Girl King" & "The Boy Queen".

Full Moon Puppet Show
Open Eye Figure Theatre
Created by Edward Euclide
Photo 2014 Mark Vancleave