Things Are You The All

Light & Projection Interaction | Multidisciplinary Collaboration | Devised Process 



tayta+sheep+dance (1).jpg

Using a flashlight, overhead projectors and digital projectors, I worked with our lighting/color designer to create a living interaction model with non-real, light-based interfaces and personalities.

Working in a team of 10 artists in a collaborative process to create an original multidisciplinary work investigating the weird, spooky, beautiful, exhilarating, nature of human relationships.

"How do we reconcile the cultural story of individuality with the consuming complexities of being families, lovers, friends, neighbors, strangers?"

"Where do you end and I begin?"

"Do our parts add up to a coherent whole? Are we more afraid or more desirous of losing ourselves in others – and where do those fears and desires lead us?"

These are the questions that guided our process.

Red Eye Theatre Collaboration
Dir. Theo Goodell & Rachel Jendrzejewski
Photo © 2014 Heidi Bohnenkamp